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every last breath is one without you. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Wednesday, 03//16//05 @ 9:30pm
New Journal my friends!


add me up my darlings!
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Tuesday, 03//15//05 @ 11:11am
I still wasn't ready to let my secret out. i wasn't ready to tell anyone but a select few people. people i knew i could trust. a part of me was beginning to believe i could trust you not to hurt me but today i was proven wrong. it came out...b accident, the secret came out and you didn't do anything but laugh and make fun of me. you even took your precious time at school to write an e-mail making fun of me. When i talked to you about it you said it was a joke. HELLO! there is a reason i kept it a secret. there is a reason i didn't tell anyone about how felt. You found out and made fun of me of how i felt! Even if it was a joke...it was nothing to joke about! IM TIRED OF IT!
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Andy youre a star in nobodys eyes but mine [
Thursday, 03//10//05 @ 9:20pm
[ mood | happy ]

Me and my friend Ashley took a lovely drive all around. Steak n Shake where we ate our fries with forks, to the mall where we went shopping like the blondes we are and to Kohls where we put on randome sunglasses and hats...IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!</p>




Steak n Shake Collapse )

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Wednesday, 03//09//05 @ 3:58pm
[ mood | excited ]

MY BIRTHDAY IS IN THREE WEEKS! haha! over spring break! yessssss....i still have to work out the little kinks...but so far this is what i have planned...all my wonderful girl friends are comming over on the 1st and spending the night. I still have to talk to my parents about it but im probably gonna have a few guy friends over for this shin dig...they will probably go home around 10:30..11:00? still have to talk to my dad about it. i dont think my mom cares but she was all..."we'll talk to your father." But i think it will be okay. IM GONNA BE 17! 

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Monday, 03//07//05 @ 9:24pm
Hoping for warmth in this coldness is like a dog chasing plane tracks in the sky...useless and disappointing.
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